Devendorf Park

Devendorf Park is named after J. Frank Devendorf (1856-1934) whose Carmel Development Company in 1922 included this "city block 69" in the purchase of the beach dunes to the City of Carmel. A bust of the "Father" of Carmel-by-the-Sea, sculpted by Edwina Devendorf, was erected in the park in 1949. Inscription on the plaque in part reads:

"Creation is a combination of
vision and will - vision gives
the plan, but will is the human
energy that builds to completion."

In all likelihood, the park would now be covered with municipal buildings were it not for Mattie Hopper and staunch supporters she rallied for the fight--first to transform it from a dusty, littered lot to a landscaped square, then to preserve it. It was she who organized a Spanish Fandango in 1929 for the benefit of the park fund to start the park project.

Today, this park at the intersection of Ocean and Junipero Avenues is used for picnics, relaxing and community events.

One such event is the annual Carmel Art Festival held each year in May. There are quite a few of our images on - Photo Gallery
Carmel-by-the-Sea, California
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